sapori di positano limoncelloLimoncello Sapori di Positano

Born in 1986 in Positano, by love for the land and its fruits, “I Sapori di Positano”, a line of craft products “niche” for connoisseurs made ​​with our fresh lemons, grown on the terraces of our gardens in the heart of Positano.

The need to enhance our culinary traditions Paul and Sandra have created a line of delicacies that enhances the versatility of citrus fruits giving way to a real “lemon mania.”

Our limoncello is produced in the traditional way using our lemons just like the old days. Hence our motto … or do you … or choose us!


Limoncello packaging - Sapori e Profumi di PositanoLimoncello - Sapori e Profumi di PositanoLimoncello -  Sapori di PositanoSapori e Profumi di Positano - Limoncello