“Either you do it or you choose us”

Since 1970 we have carefully crafted the original Limoncello liqueur by only using the magical lemons of Positano.

With the same care we produce the famous Lemon Drop, the original lemon candy from Positano, which is famous and loved all over the world.

The line of body products and soaps are our proposal of natural cosmetics with lemon and olive oil and without mineral oils, paraffin and silicones, ideal for refreshing and hydrating your body.

Acqua di Positano” has been the most famous body perfume made in Positano for 30 years. “Maestrale” is its successor and recalls the sea scent and the cliffs of Positano so that you the beauty of our land every day.

We produce scented candles with the essential oil obtained from the lemon peel.

Exclusive fabrics designed in Positano are transformed into a home collection, bags and travel accessories thanks to the skilled hands and creative ideas of Sandra.